BedRug is the 21st Century way to rubberise your vehicle!

So tough battery acid won't damage it, so comfortable you can sleep on it! 


BedRug is the ultimate in bakkie bed protection. Finally an ALL-PLASTIC liner that maximizes the use of your pickup! BedRug beats hard liners and spray-on liners for hardworking performance

The BedRug has taken rubberising to a new dimension, you can load bricks and still have the confidence that your precious valuables will not break!

BedRug's lifestyle performance bed liner redefines the way you use your bakkie. One day concrete blocks... the next precious antiques. BedRug handles it all.

BedRug's ability to handle any cargo without compromise has earned it the ultimate seal of approval as a premium, authorized accessory for  Nissan, VW and Toyota vehicles.

This tough but gentle bed liner featuring non-skid, can be purchased through us

So... whether it's a cooler box or concrete... camping or construction equipment... BedRug works and plays for you.

The BedRug is made of marine grade polymer and is resistant to oil and chemical. The BedRug has a flat non skid surface protecting both vehicle body and cargo carried in the vehicle bed. The BedRug surface is easy to clean with water. Water is not absorbed by the closed-cell foam.

The BedRug is very easy to install, with an exact fit and fills in the ribs of the vehicle bed for a smooth knee friendly surface.

BedRug can be combined with all tonneau covers and roll n locks from Mountain Top. It becomes a comfortable platform for your canopy. It will turn your pick up bed into a luggage room.


amarok BedRug

Toyota BedRug

Navara BedRug

BedRug Wash

BEDRug Tailgate



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