Mountain Top


Mountain Top Industries are the suppliers of high quality aluminium tonneau covers.Distributed in South Africa by

4x4 Bakkie Accessories.


Mountain Top Industries was founded by Lars Bjerg in 1995. The tonneau cover came to being more than 20 years ago when the owner of the business, Niels Bjerg was looking for a heavy duty tonneau cover for one of the company vehicles. After approaching many automotive companies, and with no success the company decided to make one from local materials.


The company was established providing a product line of custom designed tonneau covers and aluminium bedliners.


Today Mountain Top industries is still a family run business, and has expanded with a new range of products, these include aluminium tonneau covers, bed-xtenders, and bedliners in different materials.


Currently Mountain Top Industries supply products to most of the car importers in Europe and the United Kingdom. The Mountain Top team pride themselves on efficiency, quality and creativity. When a new model is introduced into the market, like the Ford Ranger, products are designed efficiently to meet the requirements of that bakkie. Only the highest quality proven materials are used.

The company is located in Denmark and the products are manufactured in Denmark.

MTI’s quality objective are effectuated by means of management systems which comply with the specifications of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. The total management system is considered a decisive parameter for continued growth and a dynamic activity that creates continuous improvement in which all employees participate.

Quality & Environment

It is MTI’s objective to develop, produce and market products and partnership solutions at a competitive price and in the quality agreed, so that customers' requirements and expectations are honored. Our products should be considered by our clients to be among the very best on the market.

We will maintain and further develop the company's position as one of the most competent and reliable business partners in Europe.

Market satisfaction is monitored, and the results are documented through our customers' feedback. Any errors or omissions should be remedied as quickly as possible, so that MTI’s customers are inconvenienced as little as possible.

Development and design reviews should be carried out at appropriate stages of the development and design process. The products should be designed in accordance with relevant requirements.

Supplier evaluations should be documented and continuously revised through the monitoring of the supplier's quality control.

Quality control monitoring is planned ahead of production start and completed as an integrated part of the production process. The quality control of processes is primarily carried out through operators' self-check. Relevant quality data is continuously forwarded to affected departments.




Mountain Top Industries warrants its products to be free from manufacturer's defects. If a defect is registered please contact your dealer.

How To Make a Claim
To make a claim the party claiming must notify the dealer from whom the product was purchased of the defect or malfunction.

Patents etc.

Mountain Top Industries has a long term tradition of developing accessories to pick up trucks in accordance with the costumers and end users requirements. To protect our designs and ideas we have registered our designs at Office for Harmonization in the International Market (OHIM)

Mountain Top® is a registered trade mark (no. 005617154)

Mountain Top has the following design protections:

Original Mountain Top tonneau cover
(no. 000720206-0001 and 000720206-0003)

Mountain Top alu liner
(no. 000720206-0002 and 000720206-0004).



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