Toyota Hilux


 Aluminium Tonneau Covers 


The Original Mountain Top Tonneau Cover® is the most durable high functional vehicle bed cover on the market. It is made of 5 bar aluminum plate with a loading capacity of 100 kg. With The Original Mountain Top Tonneau Cover® the vehicle bed cargo can easily be accessed from 3 sides.

The cover can quickly be removed without tools. It is a non drill installation (attachment drilled into the tailgate). The Original Mountain Top Tonneau Cover® can be combined with all types of Mountain Top under rail bed liners.

The Original Mountain Top Tonneau Cover® is EU design protected and has TÜV and ABE approvals.

The vehicle bed cargo can easily be accessed from 3 sides .
It is made of 5 bar aluminium plate , and can be quickly removed without tools
Details :
-5 bar aluminium plate
-loading capacity of 100 kg
-TUV and ABE approval
-Easily installed
-Environmental friendly , all materials can be recycled


 R24,000 plus VAT for the Double Cab


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 Toyota BedRug

The BedRug™ is made of marine grade polymer resistant to oil and chemical. The BedRug™ has a flat non skid surface protecting both vehicle body and cargo carried in the vehicle bed. The BedRug™ surface is easy to clean with water. Water is not absorbed by the closed-cell foam.

The BedRug™ is very easy to install, with an exact fit and fills in the ribs of the vehicle bed for a smooth knee friendly surface.

BedRug™ can be combined with all tonneau covers and hardtops from Mountain Top. It will turn your pick up bed into a luggage room.



R10,000 Plus VAT for the Double Cab

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  nissan roll cover


Roll.n.Lock Extremely Advanced!
Retracteable Function - allows opening and closingin literally seconds!
Vinyl-over-Aluminium Laminated Construction!
Fits on Top - no space taken up!
No Snaps!
No Roll or Bundle!
No Cross Bars to Negotiate







More Info

The ROLL.N.LOCK is the most advanced retractable truck bed cover made, has redefined the rules for truck bed security. From its retractable function, which permits opening or closing in literally seconds, to it rigid, vinyl-over-aluminium laminated construction, this hybrid covers offers everything other covers do not. There are no snaps to manipulate, there is no roll or bundle to lash down or stow, no cross bars to negotiate, no fabric shrinkage to struggle with and, best of all no worries about the security of cargo. The ROLL.N.LOCK fits on the top so no space is taken in the back. The ROLL.N.LOCK retracteable bed cover... by far the most sophisticated and vestaile truck cover made.

What sets ROLL.N.LOCK's cover construction apart from the competition is not just the superior quality of our vinyl surface material, but also the design of the slatted aluminium substrate which supports the vinyl. Each ROLL.N.LOCK slat is rotatively joined by an interlocking hinge. It is the geometry ofthis uniquely-contoured hinge that lends ROLL.N.LOCK its strength, roll compactness and quiet, smooth, non-binding movement. Close examination of the ROLL.N.LOCK hinge in the flat position reveals the fact that each slat is inseparably locked together, yet when rotated, no metal-to-metal contact occurs.

R24,000 for the Double Cab

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